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FNQ’s Award Winning
Smart Home Automation Showhome

Our  Smart Home Experience Showhome is centrally located in Cairns

We showcase the possibilities of a smart home system in an immersive experience including lighting, music, temperature control, multi-room audio, and more all via an easy and intuitive interface.

Our unique showhome lets you touch and feel all the aspects of a smart home.

–  Home Security

–  Blind and Curtain Control

–  Music throughout the house

–  Air conditioner and Fan control

–  Private Theatre Room


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Let’s Turn your home into a Smart Home

Our service is personal. You deal directly with FNQ’s leading automation expert. We live and breathe automation.

We provide Smart Home Automation services that seamlessly integrates into your home. 

Our aim is to you make your home the most convenient, comfortable and smartest home you have ever lived in. 

We provide a turnkey, end to end solution.

We service the entire process from initial consultation, design and system installation

custom controls and integration through to ongoing maintenance.


We are here to ensure you are living smart!

Smart Lighting

Lighting that is both beautiful and energy efficient.

Music and Distributed video throughout the house

Enjoy your favourite music and video in just one room or throughout your entire home.

Security at the touch of a button

Intelligent security gives you peace of mind knowing your family is safe and secure.

Easy comfort with Air-conditioner, blinds, curtain and louvre control

With a single remote, control everything and achieve energy effeciency throughout your home.

Your very own Private Theatre

Enjoy an amazing private home theatre that rivals any cinema.

Home Automation Solutions


Control4 Intercom, Multi Room and Automation Pack

Add intelligence to your home
quickly and easily with this
package for smart home key-less entry and intercom from anywhere along with music across 4 zones in your home.  


Private Home Theatre Pack

Experience the highest quality Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 Vision and Sound to rival any cinema right in your own home. Whether you are looking for a solution for a dedicated room or want a media room that coverts to a cinema at night we have solutions that will work for your home.

Entertainment and Music throughout your Home Pack

Enjoy your favourite music  effortlessly with effortlessly with 4 music zone.
For example living, dining, patio, masterliving.  Control your home with an all all-in -one one one one smart handheld remote.  


New Builds and Existing Homes

Whether you are building a new home or wanting to smarten up your existing home, you can now control every aspect of your house from wherever you are.  Using your smartphone, tablet, PC, touch screen, remote or keypad,  Control4 has a consistent, easy-to-use interface that ensures that controlling your home will be effortless.

There’s no need for separate apps to control the shades, thermostat, and a light bulb. Replace them all with one that manages and controls all of these devices together. You’ll be amazed when you can prepare the house on your way home by turning on the air-conditioners, closing the shades, and bringing up the lights—without jumping app-to-app. House divided? No worries, we have both iOS and Android users covered.

The Control4  screen is a perfect way to control the house while you’re away or in the backyard.  We also can put the power of home control on your handheld remote while watching TV, on a lighting keypad for when you’re running out the door or turning in for bed, a touch screen while you’re cooking so you can see who is at the door and let them in, or even by voice as you enter with your hands full.





New Build - Smart Home

This house has it all. From louvers that close when they sense rain to customised lighting and mood scenes. This MyStyle Tenancity home is bought to life with smart technology that fits seemlessly into this familys’ lifestyle.

Renovation - Make it Smart! Trinity Beach

Beach front renovation with a touch of class! This is a wonderful example of how a concrete home undergoing a renovation can be equipped with the latest in Control4 smart automation solutions. What really brings this home to life is the customised blind controls when the parents wake up every morning. No more jumping out of bed to open the blinds to see their spectacular beach view.

Aquarium Automation

This stunning 6 foot tank is not only beautiful but also self sufficient. It has an auto water top-up system, Profilux smart dosing solution, alerts to your mobile and auto feeding system. This means your marine fish and corals stay healthy and beautiful effortlessly.

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